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Aquacise chooses Aqua Sphere as its new retail partner & launches exciting new Instructors Kit


Aquacise, the fast growing aquatic aerobic workout programme which is filling swimming pools across the UK, has chosen Aqua Sphere, the swimming equipment guru, as its official retail partner.   The exciting new partnership provides the platform to give the highest quality branded teaching kit to all newly qualified Aquacise instructors and to offer them the opportunity to provide an essential product pack to end users to help them get even more out of their exercise session.   

As the health benefits of aquatic exercise become more widely recognised, the Aquacise Instructors Training Programme has been developed by the STA (Swimming Teachers’ Association) to train instructors to take safe and effective aqua sessions which can offer significant fitness benefits for all ages and abilities.  Aquacise uses the resistance of water and also uses Aquatic resistance equipment to provide an enjoyable, low impact exercise class and the programme is also a superb way for leisure centres and health and fitness clubs to maximise pool business whilst offering fitness trainers a pool-based class to complement their work in the aerobic studio or gym.    

The partnership with Aqua Sphere allows the STA to create two joint-branded swim kit packages, both including the highest quality aquatic equipment currently available.  The Aquacise Instructor Kit, worth £49.99 but given free of charge to all qualified instructors, is a comprehensive pack which meets all aquatic training needs.  The kit comprises all the essentials an Aquacise Instructor will need, including a high quality wet/dry bag, woggle, hand towel, webbed gloves, branded t-shirt, set of dumb-bells, water bottle plus the Aquacise manual and leaflets.  As an additional benefit, a free pair Aqua Sphere’s highly acclaimed Kaiman goggles will also be included in the Kit.    

Excitingly, a competitively-priced End-User Pack includes must-have aquatic exercise essentials such as swim gloves, towel, water bottle and woggle – plus money-off vouchers for Aqua Sphere products - all together in one handy grab bag, providing an excellent new source of potential revenue for instructors. The innovation and construction quality of Aqua Sphere’s product range is proven and the superb new End-User pack delivers great value for money and is sure to become popular amongst Aquacise participants.   

Natalie Sidwell, STA’s Aquacise Development Manager comments, “Aquacise has gone from strength to strength over the past three years, with new innovative class formats and design which cater for every single ability, irrespective of being a beginner or a top Athlete. The use of added resistance equipment has increased over the years to provide variation, increase aspects of core stabilisation, muscle strength and endurance as well as allowing the client to get the most from working out in the water.  

For many years the STA has trialled many pieces of equipment, and we became interested in Aquasphere’s products because of their quality and range last year at LIW. The launch of these Aquacise kits will overcome the problem of insufficient equipment being available to instructors at leisure facilities, and will hopefully encourage clients to take responsibility and care for their own equipment.  I am really looking forward to the launch of our new partnership at LIW, and recognising Aquasphere, as Aquacise’s official retail partner at forthcoming courses,” continued Natalie. 

Aqua Sphere’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Martin Newton, says: “We are extremely confident of the quality and integrity of the Aquacise kits that we have created with the STA.   They are designed to enhance the aquatic fitness experience so that end users can get the most out of their session.   We look forward to continued joint development with Aquacise and the STA and are pleased to fully endorse the STA’s reputation as an opinion leader and authority in water safety and water activities.

The new Aquacise and Aqua Sphere partnership plus samples of the new packs will be unveiled at Leisure Industry Week on Stand 1055 at the NEC, 25 – 27 September.    

For further information about becoming an Aquacise instructor or for any current instructors who would like more information on the end-user packs, please call the STA on 01922 645097 or e-mail

For further information about Aqua Sphere please call 01254 278873 or visit



The Swimming Teachers' Association (STA) is a registered charity founded in 1932; with the charitable objective of...

"the preservation of human life by the teaching of swimming, lifesaving and survival techniques."

STA receives no Government funding or support, yet has experienced incredible growth and success over the last few years; and unlike other professional bodies who are seeing declining memberships, STA is achieving significant growth in demand for membership (over 5,000 members to date) and courses, and awards near 1,000,000 STA badges and certificates every year for swimming through its Learn to Swim schemes.   This is all in addition to being the only awarding body that has QCA approval for its National Rescue Standard (NaRS) Lifeguarding / Lifesaving and First Aid Awards, Swimming Teaching Certificates and Pool Plant programmes.  As a major organisation concerned with swimming and water safety, STA is also at the forefront of raising standards. Not only is STA, the ONLY organisation that includes water safety in every element of its swimming teaching, STA is also the ONLY organisation that insists its swimming teachers can perform a rescue. 

With a heritage spanning 75 years, STA has firmly positioned itself as a leading, industry-respected provider of specialist ‘fit for purpose’ qualifications to the sports and leisure industry.   STA is a solutions driven organisation, dedicated to working with its customers and partners here in the UK and internationally, to build Safer, Healthier & Better Skilled Communities.  

Aqua Sphere

A relative newcomer to the swimming market, Aqua Sphere was established in the mid-90’s to improve the world of eye protection for swimmers. With passion and experience, Aqua Sphere created the Seal, the first ever swimming mask to feature 180° wide angled vision, and the Kaiman, the first panoramic swimming goggle. In 2006 the Eagle goggle became the first swimming product ever to win ‘Best Designed Sport Kit’ at the UK’s Sport Industry Awards 2006.   All Aqua Sphere eyewear products are made exclusively at the company’s facility in Genoa, Italy in a plant where, for more than 40 years, some of the most sophisticated and advanced underwater diving masks in the world have been developed. The company’s design philosophy is to bring new solutions allowing the dedicated or casual swimmer to feel comfortable and completely at home in the water. 

In 2007 Aqua Sphere introduced high performance chlorine resistant swimwear to its portfolio of eye protection, buoys, kick boards, caps, bags, swimwear and tri wetsuits, creating swimming’s hottest one-stop-shop resource.  

Company Origins: Aqua Sphere’s origins were conceived by Technisub, a worldwide leader in underwater diving masks. Founded in 1962, Technisub has a unique experience and know-how with specialized elastomer and polymer materials technology and underwater optical science.   Aqua Sphere and Technisub are part of Aqua Lung International, a recognized global leader in aquatic equipment for over 60 years.

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